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Working Above the 45th Parallel | Butcher & Butcher Restores North Country Historic Treasures

By Mary E. Kremposky, Associate Editor

Butcher & Butcher Construction Co. Inc., Rochester Hills, had one of the best jobsites in Michigan in the fall of 2011: the rooftop of the Park Place City Center in Sault Ste. Marie. Firefighters were moving through the Soo Locks and the trees were wrapping up their own production, turning the northern forests into a blaze of autumn color. The six-story rooftop offers a grand panorama of this historic ciuty along the St. Mary’s River and of the Canadian highlands rising across the waterway. Built in the early 1900s, Park Place City Center is only one of many historical structures dotting a city originally founded as a Jesult mission in 1668. The 17th century date makes Sault Ste. Marie the oldest European settlement in Michigan and in the entire Midwestern United States, according to Wikipedia.


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